Ottawa Rose Centre


The Ottawa Rose Centre

The Ottawa Rose Centre was established in 2009 and has sent a Rose to Ireland each summer since then to represent her community, family and Ottawa at the International Festival in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland. There, Roses from around the world, as far afield as Abu Dhabi and New Zealand, come together to celebrate their Irish heritage and the myriad of accomplishments they can boast as a collection of smart, giving, and caring young women. 

2019 Ottawa Rose - Kathleen Zuk

2017 Ottawa Rose - Vanessa Foran

2016 Ottawa Rose - Sarah Griffin

2015 Ottawa Rose - Claire Conway

2014 Ottawa Rose - Stephanie Coull

2013 Ottawa Rose - Keira Kilmartin

2012 Ottawa Rose - Avaleigh Eastman

2011 Ottawa Rose - Katherine Scott

2010 Ottawa Rose - Laura Hay

2009 Ottawa Rose - Sarah Thorenton

Read all about our amazing Ottawa Roses on their individual pages. Are you the next Ottawa Rose? Contact us today to learn more about an experience you will never forget!

2023 Ottawa Rose Selection - Claire Conway, Keira Kilmartin, Kathleen Zuk, Sarah Thorenton, Sarah Griffin and Laura Hay.

Photography by Andre Gagne

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