Vanessa Foran

Vanessa Foran is a 21 year old completing her Bachelor of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa with a specialization in International Development and Globalization and minor in Business Administration. She also works for Heritage Canada as a Capital Information Officer, ready for Canada 150 celebrations. Vanessa won a Celebrating Youth Award in 2012, which showcases youth community leaders in the Town of Whitby. In 2015, she was Vice President of Internal Affairs for the University of Ottawa's International Development Conference. Once she graduates, Vanessa intends on working for an international development organization - specifically one that advocates for the need to address climate change in all development projects and emphasizes the importance of sustainability in international development.  Her family has been involved with Toronto's St. Patrick's Day Gala and Parade in previous years. On her paternal side, Vanessa's great-great-grandfather John Foran Jr. from Castlegregory Co. Kerry immigrated to Canada as a child in 1841 to Huron County, Ontario.

Vanessa was sponsored by Heart and Crown Irish Pubs

        Photo Courtesy of Alison Slattery Photography

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